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Jim’s Rant For The Day. 16 Month Elwood Update.

My Granddaughter, “Elwood”, is now 16 months old. Here’s the update.

I am amazed at baby rearing these days. When I had crawlers there was a daily spilled glass of milk. With the new fangled sippy cups there has never been a spill. The other miracle amazement is that she can communicate without the physical verbalization ability yet. Let me explain. Mom has been teaching her sign language. She is able to communicate: more, change diaper, water etc.

One sign that she learned early was “finished” when she was finished eating and wanted out of her high chair. She would wipe her hands together twice then pull on her buckle to get out of the chair. That sign stopped a lot of fights at dinnertime.

Now the update. Elwood’s house has an aboveground swimming pool. So Mom has Elwood in a four week swimming class. Yesterday completed her first week. I was watching a video of her “swimming” with her teacher. Upon surfacing, she hollered, “Daddy!” while vigorously wiping her hands!

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