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Dear Jim: Regarding The Fitzgerald.

The Cabal does not need the Navy, obsolete or not, to start a war. They have many options to start a war but seem to like tried and proven methods in all their plans. History never repeats, but sometimes it rhymes... The USS was likely compromised in some manner as it normally has the maneuverability to get out of the way of any move the ACX could possibly make. Navy warships generally do not rely on autopilots as all important stations are manned 24/7 while under way. The bridge crew is there to drive the ship and nothing else. The Navy knows what happened by now - how will the story be spun? Best to wait for details or just forget about the collision and focus on the bigger excuse for war. --------------------------------------- Hodges says the USS was hit by an EMP. If so the effects were not permanent as they seem to have made it to a port under their own power. Maybe Russian Khibiny technology is making the rounds. Sorcha says the Koreans hacked the ACX: William Mount agrees with Sorcha but adds that The Agency faction within Korea did the hacking: A Zero Hedge post suggests the first 90 degree turn to the right by the ACX was caused by the USS getting hung-up on its bow in the collision. The ACX has a normally unseen bow bulb below the waterline and the USS was pierced below the waterline. Very plausible.


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Hi again Jim, When you mentioned Cliff High and seems to be talking to someone in the soc, I started to see what you were seeing. You are spot on 95% of the time. Who knows, the other 5 % I'm just not