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Note From Jim: Re: Something Fishy About The Fitzgerald Story.

Not only is there something fishy about the Fitzgerald story, there is something fishy about that particular story about the Fitzgerald story.

The author implies that the freighter ship is registered in the Philippines, therefore it is under the control of the Philippine government. A ship registered under a country is not controlled by that country, it simply pays taxes to it.

The story also implies that the slow moving cargo ship, which takes at least ten miles to turn, was perhaps planning to stalk and intentionally ram a particular warship on purpose. That is like a turtle running out in front of a rabbit to trip it.

Then there is the implication that the freighter had its transponder and running lights turned off making it invisible to the destroyer. What a crock. That implies that the U. S. Navy is unable to fight a naval battle if the enemy has its lights and transponders turned off! I guess to save money they are no longer placing radar and sonar on warships.

That whole article is a total load of crap meant to incite anger against the Philippines.

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