• Jim Costa

Note From Jim: Ole Ammegard Interview Below.

Everyone must see this interview. He pulls together all of the patterns of the false flags that we see on TV. His analysis in amazing:

Always the same actors;

Lighting (shadows) off on shown pictures and time lines of actual events;

Always after drill a few days prior;

Always a lone nut killed ( whisked out of the country and given plastic surgery);

Bad photos of injured seldom show faces;

Photos of (real) cops on outskirts always shows faces and appears to be done by professional journalists;

Mass casualties always encompass about a dozen nationalities where that should never occur in nature. Done to get more press coverage.

The good news as he says is that terrorists are not out to get us - it is the Elite using a stage production business. He reminds us that there are only a few thousand Elites and we number in the billions!

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