• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Hillary's fake polling stations is why Seth Rich was really murdered.

Hi, have you heard this theory by Jim Stone yet ? I think this is the real deal here. - - Hillary's fake polling stations, People DO NOT GET IT The girlfriend of Seth Rich blew the whistle on this in an e-mail farther down this page. People seem to not understand the process Hillary used, so Let me explain this again: Kovil

Here is the misunderstanding:

Alex sent: How strongly vetted is this 'covert polling station' angle? The strategy sounds too good not to be true, but then the logic around it, seems confusing: If there are covert voting stations, wouldn't the turnout be higher than expected? So be careful, mate - Alex

My response [Jim Stone]: If Hillary set up duplicate polling stations that were not on the record, and used her web site to direct people to them without the people even knowing they were fake, and then got nearly 100 percent of the vote at her own polling stations, which were then SUBTRACTED: UNDERSTAND THIS: THEY WERE SUBTRACTED AND NOT ADDED to the legitimate polling stations, by taking 100 PERCENT HILLARY VOTES AND SWAPPING THEM OUT FOR ONLY LEGITIMATE BERNIE SANDERS VOTES at the legitimate polling stations, voter turnout would appear to be low, not high.

She had to keep the number of votes that were cast equal to the official register at the real polling place, and had a duplicate register that was then shredded. This means that everyone who voted on her duplicate register vanished from the system when the votes that went to her at her secret polling stations were swapped into the official register, replacing Bernie votes with ZERO VOTES IN NUMBER ACTUALLY ADDED TO THE OFFICIAL REGISTER. Only votes were switched, NONE were added.

In Hillary's plan, EVERYONE got to vote, and predominantly only Hillary votes actually showed up in the end. :The corruption it took to make this happen was unfathomable. People at the DNC actually had to sit down, take Hillary's votes from her bogus polling stations, and swap them in place of Bernie's votes from the legitimate polling place and do this completely knowing what was going on. Since there were two sets of polling stations, and the total from only one set actually made the record, "voter turnout was low". The register from the original polling place remained intact, while Hillary's registers were shredded to destroy the evidence after they were used to make a perfectly accurate forgery out of the official record.

This was a complicated process that required cooperation at a very high level. The powers that be wanted Hillary. They wanted her so badly they even gave her the voting machines in jurisdictions that used them, and perfect duplicate ballots in jurisdictions that used them. Her polling stations were perfect versions of the actual polling stations. No one who used Hillary's web site to find the polling stations, rather than the DNC web site, would know anything was amiss at all.

If you misunderstood this, please re-read what the whistleblower said. This is posted down this page a ways.

Since Seth Rich managed the software that told people where to vote on Hillary's web site, when he figured out what Hillary did and then disagreed, he had to be killed. But they did not nail him until AFTER he became disgusted with what happened and gave the DNC mails to Wikileaks. At that time, the DNC probably did not even know Seth Rich did the leak, they just wanted him dead because he figured out Hillary's scam, and was going to blow the whistle.