• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. I Now See It And Am A Believer.

Michael Rivero has been making a statement for the past year regarding the breakup of the Soviet Union. I was hearing his words over and over but never really saw what he was seeing. Today I can honestly say, “I see, said the blind man!”

His mantra is that the people of the Soviet Union witnessed the political big shots openly fighting for power over each other right in front of the citizenry, exposing all of the leadership corruption in plain sight for all to see, all while the country was shutting down. The citizenry lost all faith in the government's ability to lead them.

This is exactly what several Western countries are witnessing today, and they are experiencing that same loss of confidence in both their governments and the people's future.

We are now living in the same exposure pattern prior to a government collapse that the old Soviet Union went through in 1991. Brace for impact.

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