• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Do You Think Bix Can Explain Off Con-gress?

Jim, do you think Bix can explain off Con-gress loosening internet privacy protections? And because wars should not exist, the majority of people don’t want them. I’ve written my con-gress reps over the years, no more war. Yet people sign up to play those roles. Without people volunteering to fight made up battle, wars would not exist.

Anyway, residing in Minnesota, immediately, con-gress here voted to bar internet service providers from selling their users’ personal data without express written consent. It amazed me how it was done so quickly on a state level as if they knew it was coming.

So how come and how can Trump serve the people when taking away privacy? Nothing an individual does is anyones business unless they share it. So if Bix can come up with a solid explanation on that, it’ll aid the public, cause Trump sold the people out, for what money…

Meanwhile when they say civilizations fall, it's government controlling the people that fail, not the people (though it is the public playing those controlling roles) Meanwhile independent people will continue on doing what they do best without gooberment. Thus rural area carry on, while cities/citizens fall... The best~!

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