• Katherine Frisk

Dear Jim: Back To Square One.

Bix he was very cheerful and he has cheered a lot of people up. But.....

After more thought this is what I think......

Russia claims they personally did not intercept US missiles.

BUT in the last 2 and almost a half years, they have trained and provided a lot of military equipment to the Syrian Army.

The footage and the claimed damage done at Homs is a joke. Porky's grad missiles in eastern Ukraine make the US navy look like a bunch of fools with almost 30 missiles "lost"and the rest have hardly served any purpose. I think Syria now has the ability and the equipment to intercept missiles and defend themselves.

Rather than Trump purposefully hitting nothing as Bix would like to believe, the outcome as been very embarrassing.... and makes Trump look foolish more than anything else. ... so we go back to sqaure one and betrayal.

Russia now controls the airspace and anyone who violates it will be shot down, including Israeli and Turkish jets.

Brandon Turberville is one of the few who have cottoned onto the Israeli angle. It was from this airbase that Syria shot down the Israeli jet. So this missile attack was for Israel and also quite possibly a test run.

To compound the issue see this:

I am afraid both Bix and I and our hopeful conclusions, to limit the war and put a restraint on Israel and Turkey are unfounded. Rather it appears that the US is about to take a very active rol eon behalf of Israel, Israel will in all likelihood attack Lebanon soon, and if they can in any way, they will involve Iran in order to justify military strikes against them.

So bottom line. US enters WW3 on the 7th April as they entered WW1 . If Damascus is laid to waste, then they are playing with fire. Because as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Jesus forewarned, now for the third time, Jerusalem will be no more, and all those who attack Damascus will be blown away.

Welcome to Armageddon.

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