• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Can Not Not Be Who I Am; a chirp in the wild.

Today has been a very sobering day for me. I have been forced to come to grips with things happening around me. I have been forced to make admissions to myself, admonishments about myself and stare reality straight in the face.

First I admit that trump did not do this himself, he merely showed me the reality. To me Trump has been compromised, as we all have been to some degree. I guess I expected more of him than I normally expect of myself, as Trump was “The Man.”

I was wrong. I have been feeling let down and disappointed all day after seeing Syria bombed because Assad pee peed in his pants in the first grade, that evil doer. Now I feel that the world is all out of wack and no longer fits me. Until a few minutes ago my entire world was all wrong, but I suddenly no longer believe that.

The world may always be mad but all is right when that same world is right in MY mind. Let me give it to you this way. I can no longer not be who I am. So who am I? I am one who with all of my life abhor war, all the ridiculous reasons for war, and all that comes out of warfare. All my life history studies has revealed that very little good has actually ever come from it.

I have allowed my so called sovereign government to move me from one war to another and in the process destroyed millions of lives no different from my own. So in effect those wars have killed millions of “me”.

I can no longer not be who I am. I am for mankind peace. I will no longer let our so called central government make me be what I am not. I WILL NO LONGER let them do that to me. I rebuke them. I will insult them; turn my back on them; no longer support ANY of them. And yes, If I have the opportunity, I will now sacrifice myself to destroy them. From here on I am sovereign from them as they no longer serve me! Today I am a very changed person in regards to my government.

A bird chirps in the wild not because he is in a bird world all around him but because he is not. He chirps to tell the universe what he is – a bird. From now on, I will chirp, even if alone; that I am who I am as I can no longer not be who I am. I am a free sovereign man who deplores war and I will never follow any political leader of a government that is not free of war like me. I hope that I will die chirping.

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