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Jim's Rant For The Day. Rolling Thunder instead of B-Bang.

I had expected that the whole story would appear this past weekend as to the current day version of Water Gate. I anticipated a loud bang, but now it appears to be a slow rolling thunder.

Nunes started it with his evidence gathering at the White House, saying that it appears that the CIA did surveil Trump and in the process committed felonies. He then gets the Democrats calling for his resignation. Then we find out that Gen. Rogers and Comey failed to appear at a Congressional hearing. Then on top of that we learn that the members of the House Intelligence Committee, under Nunes Chairmanship, has decided to cancel all meetings for a week. What are they stalling for?

Now a few hours ago we learned that Trump fired Comey effective this weekend.

I tell you, this is blowing up. This will be a thousand times worse that Water Gate! We are watching the spies and big players about to go down in flames. I don't know if this is just felonies or the big “T” - treason. In particular, it appears Clapper and Brennon will be the first to fall.

But meanwhile, back in the jungle, the new chairman of the Democratic Party just called for resignation letters from all of their staff. Although the Dems swear they did nothing wrong this is a huge admission of wrongdoing.

Let me change the subject again Folks. Today Michael Rivero, on his radio show, mentioned that another intruder was caught trying to enter the White House. River said that to him it appears that we are being trained to expect a Continuation Of Government move to protect the Government from attack and that will mean that Congress will be furloughed. He then moved on to other news.

This got me to thinking. Just who can activate a COG? Can Trump himself do it? Can Pelosi ot McCain do it and lock Trump out? Can the Deep State do it?

Wouldn't it be something if Trump did it and sent Congress home? I know we are getting into dangerous ground here Folks, but we are already on dangerous ground watching a collapse come our way. And God knows Congress does not seem to care about that.

As I said, I know we are moving more to dangerous ground, but look at where are are now, in an upside down, Bizarro world that may be about to blow up.

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