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Jim's Rant For The Day. Trump's Points On The Board.

It has certainly been a wild news week this week, hasn't it? I expected to wake up this morning to the news that James Comey resigned as head of the FBI or was fired by Trump. Perhaps it will still happen.

Then there is the expected aftermath of Trump's ultimatum to the Republicans to either do their thing or get off the pot with the repeal of ObamaCare. Now that the Republicans failed to repeal it I am certain the press is going to declare Trump an utter failure as a president and hint that he should vacate the office. I can hardly wait to hear Joe Scarborough on Monday about this one.

However, I differ from Joe. I believe the ultimatum by Trump was a stroke of genius. I feel that Trump now realizes the game is for the Deep State to stop his every move so the U.S. collapses, period. The only winning move is for Trump to put points on the board immediately so he can win the game.

The only points that will matter are:

. No nuclear war;

. Turning around the economy;

. Belaying our bankruptcy and collapse;

. Dethroning the Bankers;

. Dethroning the intelligence alphabets;

. Closing our borders;

. Saving our freedom.

No other points will matter. I feel he knew that we was being bogged down in the health care system that the Deep State was never going to allow to pass no matter how it was written. I feel he has left the Deep State and is moving towards the big points. I hope so anyway.

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