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Jim's Rant For The Day. Big News Showdown Today?

In case you have gotten behind in your reading let me bring you up to speed. Today may be a huge news watershed day for Trump. He has been kind of quiet the past twp weeks. I think he has figured out the game is rigged all around him and he is somewhat trapped by the corrupt system. He surely realizes that he is surrounded by a lot of corrupt and controlled politicians that want him out.

The first big story that may break is this one:

NSA To Provide "Smoking Gun" Proof Obama Spied On Trump Article.

I don't know if we little people will hear if it happens today or not, but if it does it may cause the entire political system to loose any credibility it currently has left. It will prove once and for all that we no longer live in a democracy but rather a controlled Truman Show like illusion of freedom. We shall see.

The second big story to watch for is the ultimatum Trump handed the Republicans yesterday:

Trump Issues An Ultimatum To House Republicans: Vote On Friday Or Obamacare Stays. Article

With the House Intelligence Committee telling the spy alphabets that now is the time to 'fess up about spying on the Trump camp of face the consequences, it appears things may be coming to a head for the Spies.

With Dr. Phil putting a face on the elite pedophile rings, it appears things may be coming to a head for the blackmailers and the blackmailed.

So now it appears that Trump is daring the Republicans to continue to throw wrenches into his gears lest they end up like the Democrats exposed to the people for what they really are and without a base.

Today just may be a big “Come to Jesus day.”

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