• Jim Costa

Note from Jim: New Website & Automatic Notification.

I screwed up again. The auto-Notification feature was just a tease by the service provider. Now they want more bucks to continue it. I cannot pay more so I will take down the Suscribe sign-up button. If things change I will reactivate it. I will keep you posted.

For the most part the new site here is up. I have about another day of adding pages to it from the old site. That site is running but barely.

I now have three web sites for this ResetUs blog. This one is hopefully a little harder to hack, but we will see. In the meantime I am paying for two other sites as back-ups in the event this one is hacked. They are ready to go and will take less than an hour (10 minutes) to switch over to them. The domain name will remain As one is hacked I will just play Round Robin with them. When a site is hacked it either goes down for the day or the rest of the month. So I will just move my flag.

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