• Jim Stone

Was the attack on UK parlaiment a hoax?

It has all the makings of a hoax. Foreigner (albeit an "asian" man, maybe tie in to North Korea?) totally innocent bystanders intentionally mowed down by SUV, which then turned onto government property by crashing the gate at the house of commons where a guard was stabbed to death by the driver. "perpetrator" shot. Sounds like a typical FF. How could you get out of an SUV and approach a guard with a knife without getting shot FIRST after crashing a gate in a place like that? I don't think they are quite that patient. Not sure what to think yet, but I am skeptical to say the least. see this and that reminds me - it is interesting that the police "mysteriously found evidence of vote fraud" that could nullify Brexit just as it was about to be ratified . . . . . yep, all believable. Just like this "Asian suicide driver".


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