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Jim's Rant For The Day. Spot On, David Rockefeller.

According to the headlines, David Rockefeller is dead. See: Billionaire Globalist David Rockefeller Dies At The Age Of 101 – Article

The news story reminded me of this story. Local lore has it that the farmer's son went off to college to get smart. Needing party money two months later, Junior requested $20 to buy a dog to end his home sickness. Two months later, Pop received a letter stating that Spot was attending the classes too, and was learning to talk. Pop was ecstatic with the fortune that was awaiting them! The following month he sent the funds for reading classes, followed by funding for the new pair of glasses, then the newspaper subscriptions followed by the car to carry Spot on the planned speaking tours. At the end of the school year Junior drove home without the dog. Pop was furious saying, "I figgured you were pulling a fast one on me. What happened?" Junior said, "We were driving home when Spot looked up from his newspaper and asked 'Is your father still screwing the wrestler's wife next door?' So I stopped the car, put him out and ran over him." Pop demanded, "Are you sure that Son of a bitch is dead?"

Are we sure that son of a bitch is dead?

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