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Mutual Assistance Groups

Our Organizational Chart

Insanity Of Not Calming Them

Spotting Personalities

Mutual Assistance Groups

Over the weekend we activated our fall-back farm. It was only physically completed up until now. What we did was train the 30 members in spotting personalities in each other so that we can work more cohesively together; to being a family. We divided ourselves into six focus groups concentrating on the areas that will insure our success, that being: Physical, Medical, Nourishment, Morale, Planning and Security.


We then formed teams under each group, such as Hunting under Nourishment. Each member joined several teams. All of this makes us functioning as a family the day that all members are forced to move here. We will know what we will be doing so that we can each concentrate on our jobs only, not general prepping.


When people hear of “prepper groups” that is what they think of. But that is wrong. To me, as a member of several prepper groups, they are actually just loose strangers listening to more experienced members explain what they have learned in preparing to go it alone, such as how to make candles out of crayons. When talking to such groups all I see is just people staring back. There is seldom feedback from them as to how they plan to react to a collapse. If groups are forming in their neighborhoods it is never revealed. I get the impression that most of them are loners.


A Mutual Assistance Group is a group of those awakened preppers forming a fall-back plan to be together for mutual survival, most likely under a systems approach to problem solving. It is not possible for one person to do and know all that is needed to get smoothly through such a radical adventure as we have before us. In our particular fall-back position, we have water and food covered forever. We have one heck of a medical team – we couldn't ask for a better one. Security is almost overkill if you will pardon the pun. We plan to close our concealed gate and for the most part, be left alone. For at least three or four months no one will know that we are there on our 30 acres.


Our only weakness and vulnerability will be from drama and conflict from inside. That is why we are placing so much emphasis on the Morale Focus group. Just like the fact that when boats are built it is planned that they will leak, we have planned for the fact that members will be stressed to the maximum.


This is where your emphasis should be as well. Plan on the stress preventing you and your family of going it alone. Create your own Mutual Assistance Group with a few neighbors and your extended family. Plan on a few campers being parked in your yard. Plan on utilizing the skills each other brings. Plan on one house storing the groups food and the surrounding houses acting as “redoubt” forts protecting it. Plan on a lot of people living in shifts in your house. Plan on . .. well, you get the picture.


Our Organizational Chart


Insanity Of Not Calming Them

Twenty five years ago a commercial flight crashed in the Everglades. A stewardess began rounding up the shocked survivors. As they walked around in the swamp she had them sing the first verse of Jingle Bells then pause listening for others calling out. Later when the survivors were interviewed, they all said that the singing calmed them down. That and the search for others gave them a sense of purpose to focus on instead on their own plight. Strangely the stewardess could not explain why she had them sing other than to keep them together in the dark.


If we have a collapse and if you decide to go it alone, it won't take you long to coalesce into a neighborhood group of at least a dozen for protection and mutual assistance. If this continues for several months the odds are that your group will contain some members separating from their pot, beer, cigarettes, anti-depressants and sleep disorder medications. At a minimum, some going cold turkey on anti-depressants may experience thoughts of suicide for awhile. But it is safe to assume that most of those off the anti-depressants will become depressed. Of course, we need not forget all of the normal people that realize their life has been turned upside down in a non-air-conditioned world with mosquitoes and fear.


Now comes the insanity part – we are going to strap a hand gun on all of them and feel more secure!


Needless to say, your group had better do something to calm all of the packers down. Our Fall-back farm of sixty persons has some plans in place now to accomplish this.


First let's deal with the depressed. Have them go on half medication to wean themselves and be sure that they have stocked up on St. Johns Wort as a replacement.

For thousands of years all across the planet, tribes have assembled for dinner to the tune of monotonous drumming. Scientists tell us that it changes the rhythms of the brain so that you are not angry or depressed. We have two drums of different sizes for this to be used by the most depressed or angry. The differing tones help in the process. It is also a great aid in meditation as the brain cannot process all of the sounds and blanks out. Here is a 30 minute soundtrack of what I am speaking of:


Drumming   See Also:

I have spoken of this before and so will just mention it lightly. Group meditation heals and calms those around you. Two meditators acting twice a day can calm a group of 600 persons in the geographical area around you. This will be a great job for the feeble bodied residents. See this article on meditation:
Learning Meditation:

We will then concentrate on training. We will teach all members how to use Roberts Rules of Order and Consensus methods of meeting procedure so that our meetings are calmed down. We will use the Proposal method of idea presentation with a team ready to assist a member in preparing a proposal. That method is a written presentation of your idea containing all of its pros and cons, and presented timely prior to a meeting. This cuts the discussion down to just a few points. When the vote is called it will be in reverse. Only the negative votes will be called. This means that those that haven't taken the time to read it cannot vote. This process also evens the field between the loud leaders and the introverts. The entire process is dependent on the written presentation rather than the personalities involved, making for a smooth and quiet meeting. See Proposal Writing


We will also require training in Spotting Personalities In Others. This is achieved by looking at the body types and instantly knowing if another is a leader or follower, introvert or extrovert, planner or non-planner, what motivates them and pisses them off. All through life we get our feelings hurt thinking others are just like us when they are not. We expect them to act a certain way when they were created to act another.

This process keeps us calm by our recognizing others talents and weaknesses and appreciating both. This stops a lot of the drama. See one hour seminar I recorded: Spotting Personalities:


The next action taken was organizational. When more than seven members are at a table the meeting falters. We keep our meetings at that maximum level with lots of meetings so that all can voice their opinions. I will discuss this later in another Rant.

What I will point out here is that all meetings are open to the public. I will also mention that all of our leaders are up for reelection on a monthly basis. This precludes a mutiny or having to shoot the son-of-a-gun. You just have to wait two weeks and vote him out.

And finally the best part. We will have our leadership focus on six areas of survival, that being: Physical, Nourishment, Medical, Morale, Planning and Security. Notice that one sixth of our attention, Morale, will be devoted to training, calming down, meeting processes, problem interventions and eviction if needed. We will even have one team, the Having Fun team, made up of extroverts, organizing the Practical Joke day, the Panty Raids, Surprise Birthday Parties and anything else that elicits a laugh.

And oh yeah, I almost forgot the singing. You know how you control an unruly dog by teaching it to sit on command so when it gets out of control you simply command it to sit? Well, all members will sing Sail On Sailor on command daily. If two packers get out of hand we will simply command all members to “Sit”. This will let them know that the whole community demands calmness and hopefully resets their brains. See: The Beach Boys, Sail On Sailor with Lyrics

Spotting Personalities

  This one hour seminar will help you walk into a room full of strangers
       and immediately recognize:
             Who the leaders are,
             Who the followers are,
             When to follow a person,
                and when not to follow that same person's lead,
             How each person makes decisions
                (in 5 seconds, after research for two weeks, etc.)
            Who are planners and who are not planners.

       This seminar uses Personality Plus and also introduces body types so that
            you immediately see the personalities of others.


Video Seminar here:               

First download and take this 15 minute test:    Personality Plus

Then download these notes:                             Body Types

Review page 5 of the Personality Test.

Then watch the following videos (total time of 50 minutes):

Part I 

Part II

Part III

Part IV
Part V

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Mutual Assistance Groups
Spotting Personalities
Insanity Of Not Calming Them
Our Organizational Chart
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