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Jim’s Daily Rant. I Can Now Clearly See Clif High’s “The Big Ugly”.

Clif has been telling us for over two years that we were about to enter the Big Ugly Period and two months ago said we are now into it. Among other predictions, he said that most religions would have to question their beliefs and origins.

Those religions will have to consider that their most sacred and oldest texts that their beliefs are based on, might have been misinterpreted, innocently or by design. It would hinge on the possibility that references to terms for god may have been references to ancient space aliens. The Jewish faith of the Old Testament that knows they are god’s chosen race may be chosen by alien masters to do their bidding. If this is correct it might indicate that some extreme true believers support child abuse throughout history.

Clif suggested that this will cause a lot of societal confusion and stress as this comes to light and must be dealt with. Clif also said during The Big Ugly people around the world will turn on most authorities as we learn our history was deliberately kept from us so we could be controlled and subjugated by others.

This past week I was a little frightened by three events showing the Big Ugly clearly.

The First story was obscure news stories regarding an old synagogue in Brooklyn, New York housing a hidden tunnel underneath it. A strange “riot” occurred mainly by clerics apparently trying to hide it and keep it from being filled in. It is being investigated for possible child sacrifices. Please note that this just happened and there are very few facts on all of this.

This was just posted today but recorded by Ben Fulford on Jan 5th. Watch the first 4 minutes: Benjamin Fulford Friday podcast 1/5/24 with Q&A.

The Second story was about the District Attorney and her newly appointed lover and Prosecutor in Georgia, on the attack against Trump and 17 others for racketeering, by stating the 2020 election was stolen. It is now apparent the government is involved in a sham litigation process that most probably will be non-processed forever.

The Final story is the Bill Still podcast revealing the true reason for the “Jan 6th Insurrection” inside job by the Democrats was to obstruct the Congress from performing their oath (obstruction of the Constitution).

Combined these three revelations are most certainly ushering us into Clif’s predicted world of The Big Ugly, a period of total societal chaos. In this morning’s Ben Fulford’s podcast, he said what we are witnessing is the collapse of both the Chinese regime and the U. S. regime.

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