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Spotting Personalities

This one hour seminar will help you walk into a room full of strangers
 and immediately recognize:
             Who the leaders are,
             Who the followers are,
             When to follow a person,
                and when not to follow that same person's lead,
             How each person makes decisions
                (in 5 seconds, after research for two weeks, etc.)
             Who are planners and who are not planners.


   This seminar uses Personality Plus and also introduces body types so that
            you immediately see the personalities of others.

Video Seminar here:               

First download and take this 15 minute test:    Personality Plus

Then download these notes:                            Body Types

Review page 5 of the Personality Test.

Then watch the following videos (total time of 50 minutes):


Part I 

Part II

Part III

Part IV
Part V

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