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Family Message

   To help your family be prepared mentally for the
extreme changes we are about to undergo this summer;
to help mitigate stress and suffering as we go through the chaos.

   You definitely want to survive this as humanity is about to evolve immediately, adding years and health to our lives and to the lives of our extended family.  But in the meantime, our whole economic system will change drastically but to the better.
During this changeover, we will be under stress.

Here Is The Ending:
   Get your family on these daily vitamins:
         D3, 10,000 IU.       This brand    1 Per Day.
         C-1000                  This brand    1 Per Day
    This will keep your immune system high to combat the stress.

Now For The Beginning:

Read these articles I have prepared for you. 
I suggest you print them or read on a desktop computer,
  as some are not designed to be read on a phone.

Article One -   Humanity Awakens.
       I wrote this about 12 years ago.
       Do not bother to read Part II.

Article Two -     We Have Been Trained To Not Do
                      Critical Thinking; The Holocaust.
                      Also Print:    Holocaust     
             Do read the Outline on the left completely first,
             then the narrative. It is much easier to follow this way. 
             Please take a day or so and do this mental exercise.
             No matter what you conclude, it will prove that the 
             next document merits truth.    
Article Three -   Clif Notes of Clif High's Restatement Article. 

Article Four -    Introduction to Clif High

To Sum It All UP:
   Could A Fallen Angel, Satan or an
                        Advanced ET Be Controlling Humanity today?


Family Message

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