July 3, 2020

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"We are being assaulted from all sides.  Our government is at war with itself it's at war, primarily, both sides, with us.  That's where we are right...

SCOTUS Defies/Desecrates First Amendment! [Must Hear]

May 30, 2020

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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Considered Points On Syrian Air Raid.

April 17, 2018

I was hoping for more big independent news reporters to have checked in by now but that has not happened. Again I feel I have been left holding the bag and the first victim to stick his head out. But so be it.


The Question:


We really don’t have hard evidence of the Trump led air raid on Syria Friday night. Was Trump a saint or the newly sold out devil to the Cabal? Was he saving the Constitution or the Military Industrial complex racket?


Differing Points of View:


A. Trump says about 3 to 5 targets hit by all 100+ missiles. All are biological warfare facilities.

Russia and Syria says about 75 missiles were shot down.


B. The reason for the attack was a gas attack by Assad on his own people.

Russia says that never occurred.

U. S. says Russia cleaned up the gas attack site in a couple of days.

Bio-Weapons people say it takes two months to clean up that kind of a site.


Experts say the news footage of children that had been gassed are not being treated properly.
One doctor says the cardiograph electrodes are not placed properly. Another points out that medical personnel should be wearing masks and hazmat suites instead of just gloves.


C. Note that the attack was made one day prior to international chemical warfare experts were to arrive to assess the reported site of the gas attack to confirm if it happened.


Points To Ponder:


1. Today Ben Fulford pointed out that the picture of Trump surrounded by 20 generals and admirals in the oval office at the time of the Syrian air raid Friday has an unlikely lineup. 9 troopers are on Trump’s left and 11 troopers are on his right. 9-11?


2. Any rational person with a bio-warfare plant in their neighborhood just blown up would be expected to be highly pissed off or dead from the explosion debris. Yet no reports of neither.


3. Today, BPEarthwatch reported in his video, S./N. Korea to End Conflict/Clowns Out, that Trump’s target was indeed not as reported. He says that the CIA Clowns were thrown out of N. Korea and in the process moved war equipment, plans and information and personnel into Syria, and those facilities were Trump’s targets. They were not chemical warfare sites.

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