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Simon Parkes - 8th February Update Current News. [Recapped]

20 Minute Video


0 MM 6 weeks ago he was told to expect a grid down and drinking water pumps go down for a while around England as the good guys act. Newspaper story today says "black outs warning - cold weather may cause loss of electric, gas, water and phones." He has never been warned that electric, water, gas and phones will go down all at once. 3 MM Parkes thinks the Deep State is covering for what the White Hats are about to do. They are using the weather as a cover.

6 MM Biden is flying in an airplane painted to look like the Air Force One.

Biden will be recorded calling "random" citizens and talk to them from the "Oval Office".

9 MM It is becoming apparent that Trump does not want to be remembered as doing a coup against a sitting president. He wants himself and the Military to be able to say they were acting on court decisions. A court must act first. This does not have to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

12 MM In the meantime big Deep State leaders are being dealt with and Biden and Harris will remain in place until a court decision is delivered to trigger the Military take down. There are a few big court cases coming up in a few days.

14 MM The clown show we are watching is a horrible thing to have to watch. But the courts are now speaking up and finding in favor of ruling that the election was fraud.

16 MM The take down of England indicates the Deep State knows the good guys are coming for them.

18 MM Don't expect the military to tell you what is going on. Don't focus on one liners instead of looking at the big picture.


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