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Simon Parkes - 29th May Update Current News. [Must Hear - Recapped.]

49 Minute Audio

0 MM This first week of June will be a big game changer.

4 MM Discusses his Creating Consciousness movement. It has been asked to play a role in the U. S. and other countries, in particular in setting up Med Beds and their locations.

8 MM The CABAL has done humanitarian projects but always for personal gain. The new humanitarian projects will not be for personal gain.

9 MM Discusses the new QFS (Quantitative Financial System.) Only Charlie Ward's descriptions are accurate. Great conversation on this subject. Other articles out there say that it is Artificial Intelligence. This is not true.

13 MM An amazing amount of clean money(sovereign funds) are on tables at the banks and bankers are tempted to steal some of the money. The QFS tracks this money and catches them because they do not understand this new system.

16 MM When the GESARA is rolled out it will reveal the QFS does more than track money system. It will control commerce and keep it from being corrupted.

18 MM The Med Beds is a technology that has been denied to the people just like zero gravity machines and zero energy machines are denied the people.

19 MM The Military side: The true reason for the White House lock down is it is being used for tribunals as it is "out of country" territory. The same is being done in England's Buckingham Palace. It's easier to send criminals there than really out of country.

21 MM Discusses actors and clones of leaders. Does not mean the real person is dead.

23 MM Tribunals can not hear Crimes Against Humanity cases. They must be heard by civilian courts, such as in the Hague. So we will see them soon. 24 MM Hanging is being used because the criminal can change his mind in mid air to stop his death and cooperate.

26 MM The leaders of the CABAL had until the first of June to cut a deal or lose. From June 1st on the public will witness high level take downs.

30 MM He is committed in putting healing centers in every state in America. Trump flipped all states except New York. 32 Parkes thinks the Military will feel comfortable in taking it all down when a couple of states have taken down their 2020 votes.

34 MM It is time for the good guy's financial reset then we can straighten out the politics problem later.

35 MM The U. S. is suffering now because we have stopped doing our job in watching our government in its performance. We are being taught to get back to doing the citizens' job it should have been doing all along.

36 MM Discusses how politicians must be held responsible for their promises.

43 MM Trump will be recognized as the true 2020 winner. He may be asked to remain as president. Bu we ourselves must take the reins of our own future.

45 MM The QFS must be fully implemented before we know the system is safe for all peoples. We need the Quantum Financial change, the will of the people to change and finally the political system to change.


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