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Simon Parkes - βrεαking Nεws 26 Feb, 2021. [Recapped]

27 Minute Video [Note: This podcast was not posted on Park's official website but rather from The comment at the bottom in red is most perplexing. Could he have used the term "Inauguration" accidentally instead of "State of The Nation Speech", being a Brit you know?

Be cautious. This may have originally been posted in December 2020.

0 MM Someone leaked information not intended to be released. Therefore, Simon will release it where.

2 MM The plan all along was to make the Deep State believe they had won in order to see how deep the swamp really was.

4 MM At the Supreme Court it became obvious they would not hear it. All filings were under Article 2. If refiled under Article 3 the court must hear the cases.

5 MM The DNI Report may be held back until January. Barr was not a Black Hat but did what he was asked to do. Durham is a special counsel and can prosecute in any state.

Durham can and will set up military tribunals. They will be used because the civil courts are crooked.

9 MM The National Security Agency has been backing Trump whereas the FBI and CIA have not been supportive.

11 MM The Dueling electors from seven state. The election cannot be determined until this is sorted out. It is there for a delaying action. 13 MM Trump has the Insurrection act, the NDAA Act, the 14 Th Amendment and all of his Executive Orders prepared for this, The Patriot Act and FISA warrants.

15 MM The Governors and Sects. of State who have certified the votes face Treason Charges. 16 MM There is a cyber war ongoing. The White Hats attacked Solar Winds. The Dominion Machines are no longer able to connect around the world. Kissinger has been replaced on the Security Board. BLM and Antifa were created to create political strife by the Democrats but they have now been infiltrated by the good guys. They are no longer a threat. 19 MM The Navy offshore is not for an expected invasion. It is a protective movement only. It is there for Marshall Law in the U. S.

Some paratroopers may be jumping in open areas. They will be self sufficient. Probably be used to beef up security where some governors control the police or where DUMBS are still operating.

23 MM Note, this is very confusing and may indicate this is a very old video (prior to Jan 20, 2021. He says the democrats may show up in DC for the inauguration and may be facing a sting operation.

24 MM There are multiple ways to save the Republic.

25 MM We should see easing of the Covid lockdowns, New banking systems coming online, and some media corporations being forced to do internal operations reviews and housekeeping.

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