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SG Anon File 73: False Flag Baltimore | US-UK-Ukraine Attack On Moscow | US Homeland "Special" Military Operations Confirmed! [Recapped}

84 Minute Audio [Recapped]

9 MM He suggests that there is a huge amount of hacking against the US Military Industrial complex in middle east locations. He believes they are destroying their communications and history in anticipation of Trump being elected. This would keep their crimes hard to uncover.

10 MM The longtime crooks are trying to protect themselves.

14 MM We can assume all that Russia has said in the past 5 years is true. This includes the Ukraine war.

17 MM Discusses the US roll in the Moscow attack. He points out the Obama visited the #10 Downing Street, London, the Prime Minister, a few days prior to the Moscow attack.

22 MM The old guard of the spy agencies are being exposed.

22 MM Discusses the Baltimore Bridge collapse.This was a False Flag attack.

25 MM Analysis of videos shows explosives used. Possibly a Jr. team WH project?

Video shows the ship headed out to see, then did a fish-hook turn to head in the opposite direction to ram the bridge.

39 MM Shows that the day before the collapse, under Biden, a new FBI Special agent was appointed to the Baltimore office, and the day after the collapse said it was not an attack.

42 MM He suggests that the WH could not stop the CABAL’s plan to close the port so a WH team did it to lesson the deaths and damage.

45 MM Were Americans used in the preparations and execution of this attack?

               Setup for 64 MM He outlines several organizations that may be Deep State controlled that are used for contract maintenance on the bridges.

64 MM He ties a great many Blind & Handicapped agencies together, along with the DOJ, CIA, Ukraine, FBI, MI6, Biden Admin. and Baltimore Port Authority.

It was a multi-staged, prepared event.

66 MM He metions the massive history of child trafficking in Baltimore and the fact that Baltimore has a port to export them.

 69 MM The port of Baltimore records show that in 2022 Baltimore is listed as the main port of call for the Evergreen shipping line.

72 MM Affidavit for Compelled Performance Contracts discussed.US Army Space Force is a party to it.

Partys to war; Party to the US Republic:We accept declaration of war; You need to hear all of this

83 MM It appears that this contract forces the Deep State to commit sabotage to cover their tracks while they are being watched. The Deep State actors are being hunted while they are being observed in committing Treason.

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