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Juan O Savin 11/27/22 Video B Case #22-380 [Excellent Legal Analysis] Recapped

Juan O Savin, Loy Brunsun, LLoyd ?, David Nino Rodriguez. 64 Minute Video

[both O'Savin and Lloyd are attorneys, with Lloyd more in SCOTUS background]

"With this lawsuit, a glass eye in a duck's ass can see what's going on . . "

40 MM Congress voted itself immune from their Oath of Office, thus making them individual dictators.

44 MM We have been in a National Emergency since the bank closures in 1933 and this was proven in court in 1973 but nothing has been done about it.

Executive orders are now illegally used.

SCOTUS will not be able to classify this case under National Security.

56 MM The last time the 10 day vote review was done by Congress was in 1877.

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