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Jim's Rant. Looking Forward: Bragging To Aliens; Largest Living Entity; Uncheckmate; Why Villages?

Bragging To Aliens

Suppose a traveler from a highly advanced planet came here collecting books or other evidence for the Intergalactic Library demonstrating how advanced we, the inhabitants of earth, are. What type of books would you suggest we give him to brag about the achievements of mankind?

History books? Probably not. They would only depict how for thousands of years we could not learn how to love one another and simply live in peace. History books would only show how civilizations continue to kill other civilizations today.

Medical books? Probably not. Although they might show our current but still incomplete understanding of health and medicine, they would still be viewed in light of the fact that the vast majority of humanity is unhealthy and does not have access to medical attention. We can’t impress anybody with that.

Science and technology books? Nope, as these would only demonstrate that most of our strides here came as a result of the military, warfare or the desire for people to control others, even if just economically.

Religion? If so which religion? We still continue to kill each other over this one. Probably not law books either. Its obvious that the more laws we pass the worse things seem to get. How about books about government and how it helps mankind? Doubt it. Just look at where we are today.

Let’s face it - after several thousand years we still can’t just love each other, appreciate our differences and simply live in peace together. This is probably the only thing that would impress an advanced culture and we haven’t done it yet. Is building a Village a drastic step? You betcha, but maybe it’s time we focus on that and stop embarrassing ourselves.

Largest Living Entity

What is the largest living entity on the planet today? The elephant? The

whale? Redwood trees? Not even close. As it turns out it is a three inch high mushroom plant near the northern border of the state of Washington. What appears on the surface to be individual plants is actually a fifteen hundred acre common root system! It's all one giant fungus.

We have been trained by Mother Culture to believe that we are separate from each other and that the harm we visit on others does not affect us. This is wrong. We are all connected to one another and the life support system we create together affects us in the same manner that it does the lowest member. If this is too hard to comprehend then I invite you to just look around yourself. Does what you see really appear to be working? Do you feel safe and secure in such a system? Are you afraid to grow old or slow down in such a system?

We have perpetuated an economic system that truly does not work for all. We bought into it by default as that was all we knew. But now we are waking up to the fact that it is wrong. So we have two choices: continue to perpetuate it and continue to make ourselves ill in the process, or abandon it and create a new system that will work for all of us together. Our economic system is our common root system. How healthy do we intend to be?


As a result of globalization, the United States now has two principle industries: war, as a result of the military industrial complex and the looting of the rest of the world through its multinational corporations.

During the past fifty years our democratic form of government has been hijacked by the lobbyists of that military industrial complex and those multinational corporations. We have now arrived at the point that the direction our country takes is dictated by those lobbyists. The voiced opinions of the common citizens no longer matter contrary to the wishes of our founding fathers. How could this have occurred?

Many of us as children wondered how Hitler could have remained in power. We pondered how the citizens of Germany could have allowed their government to cause a world war killing 20 million people. How could they have stood by and allowed this horror to unfold? And now we know: one day at a time - because it was profitable.

In our political situation, we too find ourselves frozen for that same reason. We wage war and arm other countries because it is profitable to our businesses. This is also why we export our jobs, quit manufacturing and instead import, escape our pension debts, etc.

So why do we do it to the peril of the common citizen? Why don’t we stop this madness before it goes further? Why don’t we simply change what we are doing? I suggest it is because we can’t. We are in checkmate; we are powerless to move from our current position. What is ironical however is that we willingly allowed ourselves to be placed in checkmate!

We allowed ourselves to be maneuvered into the corner by believing we all deserved to live as the wealthy. Madison Avenue convinced us of it. Advertisers proved we couldn’t live without it. Our 401(k) plans dared us to demand maximum returns on investments in multinationals. The military industrial complex scattered itself over all 50 states to insure that we would fight for its growth. Our multinationals leave just enough jobs behind to secure our support. All in all we allowed ourselves to be bought out. We have no alternatives; no other jobs; no place else to go. And yet our personal investments are tied up in the very machines that are destroying our way of life! We have the proverbial tiger by the tail.

The reason no one has stepped forward until now to offer a comprehensive solution solving most of our problems is because we are in checkmate because of those investments and the fear of losing the few remaining jobs - we can’t see ourselves letting go of the tiger. So we continue moving closer to that catastrophic cliff.

Our option out is to reduce support for the run away industries by moving displaced workers into co-op villages, returning to them more than they forfeited by letting go. In affect, this gives a citizen the option of unchecking himself. When enough citizens have unchecked themselves, those industries will have been deflated enough to where they can now be brought back under control, yet still remain in business. This is the only way out of the mess. We have to offer

lifeboats to remove enough people so the overcrowded pleasure boat can stabilize itself before it capsizes.

Why Villages?

After the first village is built hundreds of others will pop up around the country as this will be the only viable option that millions of people will have to live in dignity. This will transform the country. These villages will provide what our culture and governments promise but cannot deliver.

This is probably the only current viable option for mankind to mitigate the disasters that lay ahead globally both financially and environmentally. Cowboys know that you can turn a bull’s body simply by turning its head, so too can the world be turned if the U. S. culture can be turned. This is a means to accomplish that quickly before governments can stop it. Currently we are just silently marching towards a cliff. But when enough villages are built society will then

have an option to choose how it will create its future.

We have designed a village for which there is a strong demand, is a sound business investment, blueprinted so that it can be replicated anywhere and economically dovetails nicely with our current capitalistic system. All that remains to be done is to build them.

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