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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Yesterday’s News By My ABCs. [Complete Rant]

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Anonymous source (not a regular Alternative journalist) stated yesterday that Julian Assange’s kill switch was activated, releasing all of his incriminating evidence file to flood the internet. Later in the day Tyler Durden, the Alternative’s equivalent to Reuters News service, published that Assange’s girlfriend and father say he had a stroke yesterday.

That adds great interest in the kill switch report. We should know the truth in a few days. If it is true it putts more pressure on the Cabal going into 2022.

Ben Fulford Reported that the rumors that Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum Director, (per Ben the owner of the UN) and Christine Largarde (leader of the European Nations) were summoned to Antarctica to receive their orders last week. He says they were met by the White Hats and told to join them or be eliminated. They joined.

Late Friday two reports appeared that were confusing. One was from the WHO releasing documents and the other was from the CDC.

"The Epoch Times reported Friday that the WHO had finally returned its requests for comment and confirmed that the agency couldn’t specify a single death that’s attributable to omicron.”

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky confirmed Friday afternoon that the US has only seen one patient hospitalized due to omicron

So suddenly a “500 times more deadly new variant” is officially turning out to be a dud.”

I chose not to post the reports and wait to see what the Alternative journalists say in a few days about the reports. Ben is the first to comment.

Clif High’s podcast last night had three highlights.

Let’s start with the easy part. At the 35 minute mark he quickly says “the US Postal Service has stopped mailings of Ivermectin from coming into the US.” He then goes on to say that it has been proven that the nasty stuff in the vaxx is also being sprayed in the Chem Trails.

In the beginning of the podcast he says he has been selected to receive the first home magnetic 50 KW non-moving, non fueled generator for him to test. This is a Temporal (time) Marker he predicted several years ago now being met. The units will be in full production in 2022. This will allow users the get off the electrical grid.

As a side note, I first read of these humming machines when The Celestine Prophecy, published by James Redfield in 2008, and it’s follow-up series was based on this technology.

To paraphrase in today’s vernacular, the Cabal was searching in Bolivia for the prototype to destroy it and its project to protect their global electrical grid monopoly. The books are actually a lot more deeper than this however and is on a human evolution plane.

Note that Clif is talking about a price of $68,000 but prototypes are always expensive and the cost could be spread over 10 to 20 years. In the book they were virtually throw-aways in a small humming box sitting outside.

As another aside, consider this. In my opinion the County Permitting offices must approve all building in the area. They serve the demands from the bankers who plan to mortgage, repo and resell and they want the best price for a long life. Therefore, they require building codes. The insurance industry wants their business model guaranteed as well. God knows who else was in the pressure line that formed. This then forced all newly weds to enter the housing market, which they can’t afford, and in the process loose their family jewels and probably eventually loose the family union as well. So sad.

Now compare this to what we did about eight years ago. My wife is a scrounge. The school board had a 900 sq foot portable, 2 room school classroom on private property owned by a boys detention center.

When the contract expired the school board had 60 days to remove it. Betty bought it for $200 and had it moved to a farm. We remodeled it and moved in to bliss. We locked the door to our big house for several years and just let it sit. We didn’t do this for money, we did it because we chose to do it. The house we left is the one she bought when she turned 18.

Here is why I am sharing this with you. The land we are on is zoned for a single residence only, already had one, and is also agriculture land. Being agriculture the county has no control over “farm outbuildings”. We had a 200 amp power pole installed for a well and small camper. The county granted the permit.

A month later the school arrived and I ran the underground cable from the fuse box to the home. All legal. The purchase and renovations (kitchen added inside and bathroom extension) was a total of $15,000. Now imagine a newly wed family having relatives helping to do something similar for them.

Now here’s the kicker. The control the Permitting office has over families is they will not issue an electrical grid hookup (Occupancy Permit) until you have done all they demand of you. That new humming box can remove all their teeth – all of them.

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