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Jim's Rant For The Day. What The Heck Can We Expect?

What the heck is going to happen Jim? When should we hunker down? Hope your drinking hand heals before New Year's eve. [The Beautiful] Karen

Response: My personal Opinions:

Trump: I am 100% positive Trump will be reelected. He holds all the cards.

Chaos Period: The chaos will begin around Jan 6th. Within a few days of that Trump will invoke the Insurrection act.

If Trump does invoke the Insurrection Act timely the Special Forces and Marines will quickly thin the ranks of BLM and Antifa.

If Trump does not invoke the Insurrection Act timely, then civilian & Militia groups will self activate and take to the streets.

They will destroy the BLM and Antifa folks as they are encountered. They will then go after local tyrants (in their minds) such as Governors, County and City leaders, politicians etc. I hope they perform citizens arrests but may just shoot them and those that shield them. They may at times appear to be insane people because in a way they will be. A lot of innocent people will suffer. Trump or someone else (Biden or Attorney General) will then invoke the Insurrection Act. If it is Trump those civilian groups will obey Trump's orders. Otherwise, the Army will be turned loose on those groups.If the Army is ordered to put Patriot groups down the Army will revolt and kill their traitor leaders. So in the end the Patriots will end. I would expect this whole process to occur in about 30 to 90 days.

After that period expect a year of arrests of elite and traitors to continue. Economy:It must be reinvented. A lot has to be relooked at, such as why not 20 hour workweeks at twice the pay, creating enough jobs for all.

If Trump ends the U. S. internal Fed Reserve Dollar note as a fraud, that debt will be removed from the government books. If Trump seizes assets of traitors that interfered with the election (2018 Executive Order), then those $Trillions can be used to sustain families while a new economic system grows on its own. Hopefully new hidden technologies can be brought online. So as the electrical grid is allowed to fail shoe box sized thingamabobs can be installed at each home to produce free power.

Various people will loose money and at the same time gain money or no longer need that which was lost. It will be scary and uncertain times but we can get through it. Hunker Down: Hunker down when you hear of explosions across the U. S. as infrastructure is taken down, or around Jan 6th, or the day before trucks stop delivering supplies to your city.

The real problem begins two weeks after you hunker down. Neither the Patriot Citizen Groups nor the tyrants and traitors will be wearing uniforms. Several weeks later the unprepared people will begin looting for food. Now we may have absolute anarchy with all groups fighting for their families lives, all shooting at who knows who. This is the time to hide and not show life in your location, but at the same time, be prepared to defend your location.

Covid-19: After Jan. 15th there will be no masks worn or talk about Covid-19.

Six things happened recently that the masses will soon learn about: 1) Chinese study Nov 11th proving persons without symptoms cannot spread the virus. 2) Chinese study proving masks do not stop the spread of the virus. hey stopped a month or so back from mandating masks be worn. 3) Study out yesterday sting 90% of Covid deaths could have been avoided by taking Vitamin D. 4) Yesterday the chief WHO Scientist stated there is no evidence that any of the vaccines prevent the spread of the virus. 5) W HO and CDC stating even with the vaccines people must still be locked down. 6) Evidence that several key leaders for the vaccines are also members of euthenics. Either Trump just comes out and says it was all a fraud or Citizen Groups of Patriots dispose of a few leaders and officers implementing lock downs. After word gets out o prior deaths of inspectors, the spouses of others enforcing the lock downs will prevent those workers from working.

Casualties: There will be a lot of blood in the streets, guilty and innocent. A lot of unprepared will suffer both physically and mentally. The mental will be from confusion about reality as well as over perceived losses (business, jobs, the big boat, deaths & future uncertainty).

"Drinkin Hand": I'm training my left now just in case.

Final Word: You very much want to live through this hard time to greet the new evolution of humanity that we can create together!

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