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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Two Shots Across Their Bow!!!

Trump got them all today, including me! I love it!

First he fired two shots across their bow with the first being his is big announcement today that he is selling playing cards of him as Superman for $99.

Jeff warned us this was about destroying the Dollar and bankrupting the Banksters and CABAL because without Dollars all their loans and instruments will be noncollectable. This is because they were issued in Dollars for repayment and if Dollars are now equivalent to Confederate Dollars, those contracts (i.e. Treasury Bills) are void under Force Majeure, impossible to complete.

His Superman cards are issued as an NFT, Non-Fungible Token. That means it is digitally protected making it kinda like patented, art work signed by the artist, not able to be Xeroxed and copied and thousands of others created by someone else illegally.

Does that explain it to you? I was afraid it didn’t so let’s try it this way. Our American Revolutionary war was fought because England saw how wealthy our Colonies were becoming because the Colonists figured out a way of creating their own money in place of England's Fiat paper and minted coins. They cut out the Banksters.

A Settler in the backwoods could not go to a far away city and trade for legal money and bring it back to the wilderness to trade it at the General store. Thus he could not carry on commerce without money. So they began making their own Script Money, or IOU's. They signed an original IOU that the community accepted until he sold his crops. He then would search it out and redeem it. His signature in the 1700s has now been improved digitally by Block-chain.

This is a new form of money that can legally compete with the new precious-metals- backed currency some countries have already gone to. People are simply issuing their own now and trading them as Trump is doing. He just taught us how to do it. Now we have two options just like cigarettes – buy a pack or roll your own!

See: 3 minute NFT Video


The second shot across their bow was his 6 Minute Campaign Commercial where he is acting Presidential issuing an Executive Order (when he is President) as well as challenging Biden and the Republicans to man up and stop infringing on our rights of Free Speech!

He is airing their dirty underwear entertainingly by rubbing their underwear in their faces!

You gotta love this guy! If anybody ever throws a surprise party for me I hope he plans it.

The Deep State was hit hard today; Superman rolled out their form of Kryptonite against them.

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