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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Maid Of Orléans.

My daughter Jeannette was named after Joan of Arc. My wife picked it but it was one of the ones I hoped for.

I became enamored with Joan when I was going through my reading explorations when I was trying to learn how leaders plan, think and do. I ran across a history book describing the five highly unusual battles that changed the course of history forever. The reason I am remembering Joan is I just returned from the grocery store to purchase napkins. They had none. What I saw is how most wars end – in a slow siege of starvation on the population, which is where we are now.

I ended up reading two books on her and watched about four movies to see if the first history portrayal was accurate. I never got confirmation. But here was my problem, all stories start with her breaking through overwhelming English lines, without a fight, to bring in a long wagon train to feed the starving city. After the city was fed she went out to kick butt. All accounts but one simply indicate she broke the blockade without a fight. How can that be if no one can get out to get food but Joan just enters with a huge wagon train?

According to the first historian Joan went crazy when the military leaders led her to the city coming in from the opposite direction she had ordered. The generals told her the direction she ordered was too heavily guarded so they brought her to a weaker route. We have all heard of her sweet disposition in working well with others. The generals led her back around to her entry point. Shortly after midnight, during a heavy rainstorm, they moved the wagon train straight through the center of the main force of the English army. No one came out in the rain to see what all the noise was about!

I mention this because sometimes major battles are indeed fought in the most unusual manners. Just look at the history of our Civil War Southern General Nathan Bedford Forrest, by far the most successful General in that war. He never did what the other side expected.

By the way, the author picked the battle of Orléans because it saved the French who later helped the Americans free itself from the English and creating a country ruled by a constitution.

Are we experiencing a Maid Of Orléans moment now in our global war with the elites?

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