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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Thank God Christmas And Hallmark Movies Are Over.

In another week all those Hallmark Christmas love movies are over for the year. We have stripped down cable service because we got tired of the same ole bullshit. So now we just have a small pile of the same ole BS. Life is simpler for us.

But with our service the only two movie stations we have are two Hallmark channels. So I saw Christmas in every color and every state, got to see them all. But you know me, always looking for patterns and anomalies. Well, I actually saw one in Hallmark this year. Recall that recently I wrote a Rant titled Cede & Co. And The Ever Rising Stock Market. The point of it was that everyone invested in the stock market, either directly or indirectly through a pension plan, is about to get screwed. They do not actually hold stock ownership of anything; they have been conned. It’s all a giant Ponzi scheme.

“So Jim, if that’s true, what the hell does that have to do with Hallmark love stories?“ you’re probably asking. Hallmark produces Christmas movies so you will watch them year after year – they are focused on the after-market. They probably have already sold those futures today.

Here’s the point. Four years ago all those beautiful girls were falling in love with Wall Street stock brokers. Two years ago they were falling in love with former Wall Street stockbrokers who cashed out and now lead simpler lives. This year of all the Hallmark bachelors or bachelorettes are real estate developers. Did you notice the change?

To me Hallmark is protecting their future investment. They know people will soon despise those Wall Street stock brokers and Hallmark will not draw future royalties on their evil lovebirds.

They no longer will expose their 35 year old virgin single women to Cede & Company and their devil salesmen. Even Hallmark knows there's no future in the stock market.

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