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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Signs For The Lay Of The Land.

Society, or I should say the imposed society right now, has me most confused as to who I am. Am I a Whitey or a Blacky? Righty or a Lefty? Christian or a Wiccan because I love nature? Capitalist even though it doesn’t appear to be working right? And so on it goes.

My biggest fear the past few years was to be in a civil war prepared to kill others but not being able to identify who the “others” are when they may really be the same as me in belief. Killing would be based solely on where a person happens to be standing at a particular time, perhaps by accident. Could I live with myself with this?

Perhaps the fault is with us humans as we are hair triggered to judge others by one moment in their lives and classify them and ourselves forever. Perhaps the fault is with Jesus. Perhaps he should have been more clear with us. Instead of telling us “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, it should have been “Let the person who has never masturbated cancel the perceived perv now in the spotlight.”

Another one of my biggest fears is to fight in a civil war prepared to die for my belief but to accidentally be in the wrong camp supporting it (an enemy camp) at the time of my death. What a waste.

So here is what I am going to suggest. I am going to assume there are a lot of cross section political minded persons in a football stadium. There are signs declaring political beliefs on the field, in three positions: Left, Center and Right. Then all attendees can go stand where they believe they should be.

I need your help here. I have never seen it laid out like this. So correct me where you feel it is needed. Don’t just say it’s wrong. Tell me the sign to be changed so we can gradually adjust it. Thanks in advance.

These are the signs I see, beginning on the Left and moving to the right:


Government: Strong / Central Economics: Communism or Socialism, managed Markets

Central Bank: Strong

Globalism: No


Government: Weak / Republic Economics: Capitalism / Free Markets

Central Bank: None

Globalism: No, open free trade


Government: Strong / Democracy Economics: Fascism, Managed Markets

Central Bank: Strong

Globalism: Yes

Your thoughts?

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