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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Reading The Words Between The Words.

And so it appears that England’s Prince Andrew will most likely be exempted from double Jeopardy in the possible rape of one of Epstein's groomed kids. Monday a 2009 agreement reached between Epstein and the purported rape victim, Virginia Giuffre, will be released to the public.

After its release, a court will determine if Giuffre can sue in civil court the Prince for rape damages. Here’s the interesting part to me. It appears (my speculation) that the agreement only protects those parties in Florida that arranged the rapes of Giuffre, and my guess names Epstein, Maxwell, and others in their honey pot blackmail business venture. I’ll bet my next paycheck that nowhere will it mention Prince Andrew in that sordid settlement agreement. My guess is the court will rule that because of his omitted name and the fact that Andrew has never lived in Florida or was involved in set-up of the crime, the court will not allow the agreement to protect Andrew from a damage lawsuit, especially as the world looks on.

The Double Jeopardy rule will also be overlooked because upon release of the agreement to the public, Andrew will also be tried in minds of the public. My bet is that if the agreement is released, Andrew can never be chosen as King of England. In fact, this may end England’s future royalty altogether.

See: Details of secret Epstein deal with Prince Andrew accuser to be made public.

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