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Jim's Rant For The Day. My Experience With BlockChain Ballots.

I worked a voting station on Tuesday in Florida. I observed a most honest vote in my county.  We had amazing voting machines that tabulated the vote the instant it was read.  Any errors detected were reported to the voter at the time.   We did not count the votes after closing because the machines already had the vote totals for all races.

We only sorted the vote sheets by their page number, that is page 1, 2 and 3.   We then pulled out all write in ballots for future county hand counting.

If a line was left blank or a race had two selections made instead of just one, the machine gave the voter a chance to clear it up or just to ignore that vote line.

There was a fancy pattern around all four borders of each ballot page.  I was puzzled when the machine refused to read one ballot even though I had the voter run it through several times, even backwards.  Upon inspection the ballot was properly filled out.  Then I noticed a small shred in the middle of the top of the page - a small sliver of the pattern was torn away.   The voter had to void that page a get a replacement.

That must have been the blockchain we are hearing about. If one small piece of it is destroyed it breaks its "seal". So our machine was programmed not to take counterfeit non-blockchain ballots.

However keep in mind that each of the 3,600 counties in the U. S. purchase their own machines from many available models.

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