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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Moss Man.

While cooking breakfast I couldn’t find my Robin Williams comedy routine DVD so I turned on ABC’s Good Morning America for my morning laugh.

They began by announcing that the Covid has been renamed “the Covid of the unvaccinated.” I suppose later this week they will change the term “Trump Supporters” to something more along the lines with “Typhoid Mary”. Then they pleaded with the unvaxed to stay away from children under 12 because they are highly susceptible to Covid. I also learned that several Olympic contenders were run off because they tested positive for Covid. Is this the new way to throw a fight?

This reminded me of my days as a Scout Master. Although I never knew for certain, I sometimes believed the older scouts, prior to bedtime, would caution first time campers to not stray out of camp alone at night because the monster Moss Man has been known to drag off lone kids in that area.

This morning just proves how stupid I have been most of my life. Until now I thought Moss Man only came out at night.

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