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Jim’s Rant For The Day. More On The Evolution Of Man and Ape, Plain and Simple.

Several days ago I posted a strange Rant: Jim’s Daily Rant. Merry Christmas; 4Th Dimension; Q Clock.  It was without explanation making it somewhat cryptic. That was because I just couldn’t give it to you just plain and simple. It’s too heavy.

That Rant referred to the Q Clock stating that:

"the Anunnaki are still here; we just can’t see them."

That Rant also had a short video of a High School Kid explaining the 4th Dimension. We as humans live in the 3rd dimension, as we are 3 dimensional beings. We have a height, width and a deepness.

But as dimensions go we can only see the next dimension below us. Therefore, as 3 dimensional beings, we can only see the height and width of an object, but not it’s depth if seeing it straight on.

If we become 4 dimension beings, which I believe we are about to, we will be able to see through the walls of the bathroom as well. We can then see what we know is there but was always unseen to us before.


So now let me just say it plain and simple. The Anunnaki, non-human spiritual beings of the 4th dimension, have been on earth with us for several thousand years, controlling mankind and harvesting our energy and work. But now we know they are here and soon we will be able to see them. They will flee us when we can actually see them. But for now we can deal with them because we know they are here harming us. We now have a fighting chance to remove them. This is the war we are now in Folks.

Folks, this is why I keep saying we are about to evolve into a higher species, as we will no longer be held back. I was never able to tell you this before because you weren’t ready to hear it. But now others are beginning to open that door so I can forewarn you. Watch for it.

Your job is to go back and read the Merry Christmas Rant again and watch all links with an open mind realizing their importance now. Then go back and read again read the Evolution Of Man and Apes Rant. Now you will begin to see more clearly!


If we are about to evolve to the 4th dimension, how long might this take? I have no idea.

I read a book about the Battle of Gettysburg from the participants point of view. It was a collection of letters and journals. One journalist was a town resident who recalled the roaring sound at three sunrises that sounded like continuous rolling thunder. She finally determined it was the 100,000 men coughing to clear their lungs as they woke up. That was the power of the collective troops. That lead me to understand the collective power of our thoughts.

How long might it take? As children it took each of us just a few seconds to dispel our fear of the Boogeyman. Will our evolution come from outside of ourselves or from within? Is it possible to evolve when we discover that we can, by changing our thoughts about it and realize it is time to spread our wings and fly from our present nest?

What if the Q Clock is hinting that the capitals of large countries are about to announce to the world that their country is free of the Elite, smashing their con over us? Might that send fear into the Anunnaki and their minions of our newly discovered power; that every citizen has the power to forgive them or kill them in the street to protect their families?

I think it is time that we fully awaken and evolve beyond where we are today, don’t you?

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