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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Ketchup.

In the early 80s I worked for a computer hardware and custom software sales company called Digital Systems. We had the latest Inventory software to track our warehouse but it was limited in what we could do with it. One problem we had was denoting the condition of a $100,000 system; was it new, used, partial, etc.?

Our engineers would receive a two year old system as a trade in for a newer and faster computer. They would upgrade a few electronic boards in it and clean the outside of the cabinet with Formula 409, a popular cleaner in a spray bottle. So we entered the “T214” computer into the inventory as a “T214-409”. Problem solved!

On Good Morning America this morning they had very telling stories reported. One was a whistle blower from Facebook interviewed yesterday on 60 Minutes because she is due to testify before Congress this week. This is a very old story being reported for the first time.

They also reported on the “Pandora Papers” revealing how the wealthy launder stolen or untaxed money in tax havens like Panama. They mostly pointed out that a former girlfriend of Putin hid a Million Dollars in such a way. Does this ring a bell? How about the “Panama Papers” report released in 2016 that was uncovered by a disgruntled daughter of a wealthy person who cheated her out of funds due her by such a laundering scheme. Be aware that the story was never covered by the MSNM. A movie was even made about it a year ago.

The Pandora Paper is a story just released last week. Is the MSNM now having to polish up old news stories they have hidden for years, give them a new name, and now deliver them as current? Are they now being forced to play catch up?

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