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Jim’s Rant For The Day. How might we return to our Constitution?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a Constitution as:

a: the basic principles and laws of a nation, state, or social group that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people in it;

b: a written instrument embodying the rules of a political or social organization.

The question of “Return to it” presupposes that we all agree that we have left it. So now lets get down to what to expect if we win a trip back to the Constitution.

I foresee a two pronged effort before us to return home. First the Military/Alliance must prevail with their assault on the Elite/Deep State that has captured our governments. This includes our national leadership as well as state leaders/implants placed in these positions to capture the heads of our governmental organizations, currently referred to “Cleaning out the swamp.”

When they succeed more than likely they must leave their flag or emblem to announce their victory and point the way forward. This might be a sign like “Under New Management", Graffiti such as WWII “Kilroy was here” or a new flag announcing we are moving in a new direction.

My best guess is that sign will be a return to an earlier version of our Constitution, probably the one just prior to the Civil War. Why? Because there are some amendments that should not be in the current one. It will be a lot easier to go back to a clean Constitution and then ratify the future amendments that the populace believes should be added back. Of course now this can be done freely in the light of day and understanding the impact of those amendments looking back on our experience with them.

So if all the above happens and we have cleaned out our Constitution and many corrupt politicians are removed where would we stand? Would you believe we would still be headed in the exact same direction we are currently headed in today? That is because all of our systems are well established and locked in place even though the leaders have been removed. We will be like an ocean going freighter shutting off its engines and still moving forward another twenty miles. It’s called momentum.

All those Federal, State and County systems are so many and well entrenched they will continue on unless acted upon. So if the Federal government is reduced 70% in size how can we stop the voting in our country from using hackable voting machines, just one problem out of thousands of problems that need be addressed?

Easy peasy. We create a machine to do that for us. After the assault on the top of government all counties must immediately begin an assault on their counties from the ground up! But here is the problem we face. Our systems are not designed to have changes dictated by street people telling the leaders what to do. Our leaders are there to lead, hopefully because they have better knowledge of systems under them. Thus the leader of the voting section should have experience and skill, in the ideal world.

If five people walk in and say change the system to this what will happen? The leader will listen. But the following day another five will say no, do it this way. And on and on it will go just creating confusion and delay in creating an entire new system that will upset those that don’t agree or pay attention. And thus we spiral into a darkness abyss.

What I am suggesting is we adjust the Five People Course of Action. That group goes in with a Litmus test in hand – an outline of why the current system is unconstitutional and perhaps options of how it might be made constitutional.

Give it a few months and monitor if cleanup appears to be on the way. If not then bring in the machine.

The Machine is a De Jure Grand Jury in our long legal history that we have been trained to forget. It is called by private citizens and run by them outside of the county government legal professionals. Its goal is to correct government when it strays. If all twelve jurors agree that malfeasance, misfeasance, or any other crime has been committed by a government leader then that leader is indicted for a crime. That indictment will then call for an investigation and a trial. The government leader is either sent home from work or to jail, causing the number two leader to move up the totem pole. Now it’s time for the Five People to make another call.

This is how thousands of injustices will be cleared out of our systems. We build a fire under all of our leaders that we have a machine to now do this. They will learn quickly. It’s no longer political, it is predictable constitutional law that can be looked up. This is how we get back to the rules of the game, our Constitution.

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