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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Frozen Dog Poop Puck.

I have told you that I have been teaching my five year old Grand-Daughter language skills by teaching her expressions and phrases. For several years I have been alternating from teaching her facts and BSing her so she analyzes everything she hears before accepting it. She is really good on her feet and can hold her own.

She had a date with Daddy Thursday night to go to the circus and see the elephant. I teased her Tuesday and Wednesday about what she would see and ad libbing some things she would not see. Friday morning on the way to school she told me all about her date, seeing her friends, eating popcorn, seeing a tiger, afraid of petting a poney but brave enough to ride it. I then explained to her the expression “To see the elephant.”

I told her it was an old expression (from the California gold rush days) about a rural farmer determined he was going to see the circus elephant coming to town. He hitched up his wagon and began the 10 mile journey. Before reaching the town he crossed paths with the horse and wagon circus. The elephant startled his horses which overturned his wagon. It took him a few hours to get it together and start the journey back home.

But oh yeah, he saw the elephant. He saw it, smelled it, felt its power and impact on other animals. He experienced the excitement, hard work and perhaps the let down of the experience. But by god, he saw the elephant!

Last night Tavy went to the auditorium in the neighboring town with her two aunts to see a hockey game. Now realize this is Florida and she has no concept of snow, ice or hockey. Before she left I cautioned her that if she saw the puck coming her way to duck because the game is played with frozen dog poop. She argued with me.

Last night her Daddy told us she called from the game all excited and said someone gave her a hockey puck. I guess she’s seeing the elephant again.

For those of us who believe we were intentionally born to be here at this time as humanity frees itself and evolves, we are not only going to see the elephant but may be even stomping through a lot of elephant poop for a long while.

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