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Jim’s Rant For The Day. David Wynn Miller

David Wynn Miller was mentioned today in a podcast by a Postal Judge in England in his warning of bank bail-ins coming. Miller describes himself as a “plenipotentiary judge, ambassador and postmaster”.

See: Wiki links This link is a quick introduction for a person that is most difficult to introduce, but this is a good starting point.

I spent six hard months studying him and his “Language Syntax “ work. In a nutshell, he is probably the most intelligent person I have ever studied. My mind could never break into his. He had (died in 2019) an uncanny grasp of world law and history and he was a genius at it. His life’s work was his discovery of our languages having been subverted hundreds of years ago to intentionally cause and create legal confusion in that what we now hear is incorrect. The sentence syntax was altered to mislead our legal system in that what we hear is just the opposite of the legal interpretation. I know this is hard to grasp but I have studied his work and I believe he hit the truth. This is how we lost control of our systems and freedom a long time ago.

The best description of his mind is a podcast I once saw in one of his lectures. Upon request he demonstrated his writing abilities. He was asked to write a sentence read to him on the board. He used a marker in his left hand and began writing in longhand from left to right. He also had a marker in his right hand and began writing on the right side of the board moving towards the middle, where the sentence was completed by both hands at the same time on a single line, with no gaps in the wording.

Miller’s legal theory is that once upon a time the world was controlled by post offices to manage communication and commerce. Post offices had judges and they were the highest judges in their respective districts. These offices are still occupied but have been silent for over a hundred years or so and need to be brought back to reclaim our sovereignty.

If you have the time I recommend you watch one of his free Youtube podcasts. I would not make the mistake of classifying him as a nutcase, especially in light of what we are discovering about our history being filtered with many great lies.

See the first few minutes of this podcast. Link

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