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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Birthday Lunch With Sis.

This is my Rant about the Simon Parkes podcast last night.

Friday I enjoyed lunch with three sisters, a niece and nephew; it was a wonderful visit. At the end my nephew asked for any investment advice. I started with silver and moved to the global war and Covid poisoning to background my investment advice. The birthday sister remained and listened.

She does not look at the world and does not wish to be interfered by it – for her the outside doesn’t exist. She got mad and stormed out in her usual fashion when in adult talk.

Yesterday I read Action Reports filed by D-Day Paratroopers into Normandy. They were most informative, collectively framing their confusion, failures, mistakes, change of plans and gains.

One in particular stood out. A unit of canoneers lost all but one of their cannons and all radio equipment in the flooded area they landed in. They had one small movable cannon and ammo but no radios. They were in the wrong location and alone. They were no longer members of a cannon unit so they fancied themselves as snipers. They pulled their cannon to the sound of German machine gun nest firing. One direct shot would suffice then they pulled to the sound of another. They were in wonderful spirits sniping. This was the height of adopting and improvising.

Collectively the reports revealed they all feared if only some units were successful they would control a small island surrounded by the enemy, likely to remain cut off. They all had to make decisions that could cause deaths if they made it and cause deaths if they didn’t make it. There was no one right answer, just reasoned decisions made in the fog of war.

That brings me to Simon Parkes’ analysis. If the US Military cleans up the US we would still be trapped on an island surrounded by the enemy. Deaths would result. If we wait and conquer the entire world, deaths will occur while waiting but in the long run humanity may benefit.

If the US military moves now they may have to fight a part of the US military, then reform the two opposing sides to protect the US during its island isolation surrounded by enemy. This would be a difficult situation for the military to be in.

If we wait we will have some causalities but the longer we wait the more citizens and military are awakened and are onboard. One must suspect the military has weighed all this during the ever changing fog of war, disasters and opportunities. Just like the D-Day jumpers, they are trained to adopt when necessary.

Now back to the Birthday Girl. She basically knew nothing of the discussion nor did she want to know. She prefers to live her life as before. This is the problem we all have, we wish our life to go back to normal again. Folks, it is never going back to normal again, nor do we want it to. Do we wish to go back to plundering the world and killing others just because there is something under the ground they were born on? This was our normal!

Twenty years ago I was shown that what we are going through wasn’t so much physically demanding as it was going to be mentally demanding. Many will not be able to adjust their minds to the new reality. Many will go insane, or stay lost, or give up life from perceived losses. Many will not make it to the other side.

I know those of us awakened to the eminent changes possible are anxious for this train to pull out but at what cost to half of the world’s inhabitants that are not aware? What will become of them? Shall we abandon them?

My sister’s last statement before she stood and left was “Somebody should do something.” As she left I was saddened because she might not make it. She needs to wake up and like a jogger, stretch her muscles beforehand, but she refuses to look and explore being awake. She is responsible for waking her own self but prefers someone else “do something.” Persons like her will most likely waller in shock, like a pig wallering in mud and its own shit, a very long time, destroying their health.

For me, we have come a long, long way. We need to trust those that are “Doing Something”, trust they seek success but with the least number of deaths. In the meantime we need to continue waking up ourselves and the non-awake to prepare them for the not-normal world ahead of us. Even for those that think we see it, it will be shocking.

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