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Situation Update, Jan 22, 2021 - It's already too late for the controllers. [Recapped]

By Mike Adams 84 Minute Video


0 MM No reports from him Saturday and Sunday. He needs a break.

7 MM He is seeing anomalies indicating the Biden presidency is a fake. To discuss later.

10 MM He defends all the Trump supporters that put their lives out there to work for Trump and all the Alternative news broadcasters.

15 MM Articles and pictures are being posted of Biden in a movie set of half of the Oval Office. The views out the windows are not right.

17 MM There were no real people at the the Inauguration.

20 MM The only way Biden has power is if people submit to him. 24 MM Now the Q movement is being blasted by some alternative news sites. It is wrong to say Q pacified people into doing nothing. Americans have become dumb downed and passive. 30 MM The GOP is finished in 2022 election. They do not know how to market themselves.

32 MM The Democrats are good story tellers and so are their captured news outlets.

They are weaving the illusion that Biden is the president. They are illusion castors. That is what they do.

40 MM Faucchi now saying the covid is not better under Biden and is going away. The WHO says the PCR tests were giving false positives. Lock downs no longer needed because Biden is in office.

45 MM He has contradictory information now. Some say the plan has collapsed. Others are saying the plan is still in affect.

47 MM The main street news is saying the military is leaving D.C. But yet they are still there. Why the patriot missiles still there if it was just to protect Biden?

51 MM In order to arrest more people Biden must have more false flags.

52 MM False flags to create blood could be shootings or suicide bombings.

55 MM Make sure your phone can record unusual things you see, especially false flag possibilities.

60 MM Begin organizing local security groups in your area and meet in person. 63 MM What is the answer to communism? Now it is the internet in that it gave an alternative narrative. Search for alternative news sites and communication sites/platforms.

74 MM We need to understand new technologies especially TCI packet sharing. We need to use new technologies to escape the Deep State.


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