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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Back To The Wild West Again.

I am still watching all discussions on the Trump Raid to get a feel far any facts and possible outcomes. So far the only pattern is the belief that the Democrats screwed up with the FBI raid in the first place.

I just saw a new headline suggesting that the FBI did indeed find incriminating documents, whatever that means. What if on tonight's Main Street News they show it all. Will it make a difference?

I personally believe it will make no difference at all. That is because the FBI raid shows that we are now way past the rule of law so why should anybody change their minds about trump? There is no litmus test for truth on anything anymore.

We now are back to the lawless wild West again when the only way to settle a crime is with a shootout in the street. One side wins and one side loses, simple as that. That shootout then defines the direction of the community for the near future until another shootout.

The longer this lawlessness is allowed to go on the greater the probability that we have lost our republic forever.

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