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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. And Just Like That The sky Stopped Falling. [Amended]

As usual I ate breakfast watching ABCs Good Morning America news show, searching for patterns. Lo and behold, they broke their pattern this morning! This tells me a lot.

For the past two years they terrified their audience the first ten minutes of their half hour broadcast instilling nonsensical but scary numbers of how the Covid was coming to get you. Today that ended. They waited two thirds of the way into the news to bring in a fresh doctor saying it is all clear and now they can treat the disease. Then later they went after Sarah Palin for eating in a restaurant after she tested positive for Covid but has no symptoms.

They had footage showing her eating out two nights in a row in New York. That girl was eating like a starving non-Covid horse! Now that's the kinda flu I want.

GMA reports that Palin is unvaxed. If true then that means she is taking daily preventatives and can't get Covid. She knows that so why should she play their games? If Trudeau can test positive just as the crowd is about to catch him, then why can't Palin be slipped a few Mickey Covid tests to stop her lawsuit against the New York Times? She knows that too.

It appears the MSN Media is ending their dialogue, signing off the narrative. Is it because they are terrified for Justin Trudeau appearing to run from a million stalkers wanting him dead? Is it because they are scraping the bottom of the lie barrel? Stay tuned folks and we shall see.

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