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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. An Overhead View Of Our Day Today.

Today will probably be our day, the day we have all been waiting for. It won’t be the final day of the war but I hope it will be the day all others will be able to see what we have been seeing – the end of the CABAL in the making.

I am reminded again of the 1814 battle of New Orleans. No one on the firing line knew what was about to happen but if one in a hot air balloon was overhead and knew what to look for he would have seen it building to a overwhelming success for the Americans.

Historians tell us that the British two pronged attack was doomed at the beginning. The army assigned to cross the Mississippi river and attack from the other riverbank underestimated the strength of the river and was washed downstream. The direct assault army failed as it began its march from camp. One brigade leader forget to give the order to grab the scaling ladders. They had to leave the march, return to get the ladders and get at the end of the march, exactly where scaling ladders were not needed.

Today around noon the last two Supreme Court rulings will be announced. Also at noon the new Supreme Court judge, Ketanji Jackson, elected in April, will be sworn in.

For those of us watching we will see it. Others will see it after a few days of shock and realization that the Deep State organizations actually running our country are being ordered to disband. Enjoy your popcorn folks.

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