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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. What’s The Collapse Score After November ‘23.

This is where we may be now.

Per all the USB bank revelations this past week, the Global Central Bank system should die any minute. When they are digitally zapping Billion Dollar creditors and murdering them that system is dead. Source

The CABAL is asking for amnesty to end it all. (At beginning) Some are saying it will end on January 1st. Others are saying before then. (At end)

Everyone is waking up now; [the war] is [now] undeniable. (At end)

Watch for the big price “bull run” on cryptos around December 15th or shortly thereafter. (26 mm)

This will be the result of Geo-political events by countries depending on the Dollar and Euro, who see that those countries that create the fiat money, are having financial problems causing people to rush to cryptos.

They are trying to escape from the Central banks and some countries may create their own cryptos. (27 mm)

Good news about underground tunnel fighting. On Nov. 10th, 1,400 shallow earthquakes that day were detected beneath Iceland. SG says that was the work of U.S. Marines destroying a tunnel system of the Deep State that runs to Europe. (2 mm)

This is forcing the Deep State to move the fight above ground, out in the open. (9 mm)

A picture is shown of Netanyahu under arrest for war crimes by the Israeli police.(13 mm)

Per Jim Costa:

We need not go to a proctologist, who is looking for Jesus, because by now we have all had the BeJesus scared out of us. Some Americans believe the CABAL will win in the end and others of us know we have already won.

But no matter which side we are on, we still need to prepare for our family for at least a few months.

For those who know we have won, now is the time to get off the couch and implement your crawling out of the train wreck plan. It is time to focus all energy on where we are going in the future.

I do not see a nuclear war, the 2nd plandemic, a Chinese invasion/uprising in America. I see the financial system collapsing very soon. Their con is about up.

Prepare to stay away from the grocery store for a month or two. Prepare your minds for the change-over. Prepare to calm your extended family.

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