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Jim's Daily Rant. What’s taking so long? I’ve had enough!

Got that in an email the other day. Betty and I have spent the week with Montezuma’s Revenge and I am behind on posting. I am happy to say we are both still alive and are discussing our first meal tomorrow night! We decided on a broiled roast with broiled carrots and potatoes, with horseradish and sour cream sauce for the roast slices (thick). We can at least dream, can’t we?

Speaking of dreams, before I went to bed I asked a question, which I very seldom do. I was feeling better during the day and looked forward to the sleep and answer. It took me five hours to go to sleep for an hour. Then once again I was running to the bathroom every hour on the hour as I had relapsed. I woke up tired and disappointed due to no answer to “What is going on?”

About 10 AM I looked at the news and posted several articles that jumped out. I did not read all or watch all – just skimmed. I did not rate them. My mind wasn’t there.

Yesterday afternoon, after eating Chicken & Rice soup with crushed crackers, MUSH soup, while sipping Gator Aid I went back to the computer.

I then watched the podcast I refer to below. It was the answer I needed to see again – reassurance.

In regards to my friends question see my response this morning:

"Sorry I have been so quiet lately, we have had the flu all week.

Regarding Phil's last post, 5 minutes in he said he had no real information. I turned it off. No one has information right now.

If that is all truth, then Trump controls NATO, is working with Russia to rid Ukraine of the Kazarians and their underground locations,

and there will be no WWIiI because it is all staged.

I assume the SCOTUS is the holdup and we are waiting for the Jan 6th hearing."

P.S. I was most impressed with Clif's TEOTCAWKI. He is right, we are watching the collapse of a civilization. How dare we expect it to happen immediately, perfectly and timed not to interfere with the big wedding upcoming. God must be rolling on his throne laughing at us, saying "Damn, that's a pretty tall order!"

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