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Jim’s Daily Rant. What Jeff Said Regarding The Baltimore Bridge.

Updated: Mar 29

What if Jeff is correct with today’s post Bizarro Boomerang on the Key Bridge False Flag Narrative,

 suggesting that the White Hats took out the Baltimore bridge?

His source gave excellent reasons to suspect it was them, namely:

Small number of deaths;

Middle of the night operation;

Shutting down a major child exportation port;

Allowing time to inspect all cargo containers;

Similar to WH grounding the ship Evergiven in the Suez Canal.

But today it occurred to me that economic collapse might also be a reason for it. See: Will "Re-Insurers" Bring Down The Banking Industry After The Baltimore Bridge Collapse.

That article suggests Force Majuere, for non- settlement of contracts, causing a lot of derivatives to pay out, with the top re-insurers being banks. Then recall that on March 11th the Fed Reserve / Government said they were no longer backstopping the banks.

Then on top of all that, recall the past few days another RINO left his seat unfilled until November, and another Republican may leave soon. With both Republican House seats vacated, as mentioned here, the Democrats will control the White House and both the House and Senate. What an opportune time to collapse the dying financial system and take out the Banksters, setting humanity free.

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