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Jim’s Daily Rant. What If This Happens Over The Weekend?

Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas has accepted a Writ Of Mandamus to overturn the 2020 and 2022 elections. It is an emergency Writ which he can sign alone or with the full court. It appears to me that it would accomplish the same thing that the Brunson Brothers' cases to the Supreme Court were trying to do; to terminate most in congress as well as Biden and Harris expelled from office.

If it is acted on quickly I assume it might be ruled on positively and an order signed on Friday evening. That would hit the news and public on Saturday, the 28th, the beginning of the week Clif High warned us would be monumental in emotional level.

This would then allow for Trump to announce that he is the Commander- In- Chief of the military. He then could issue public orders to the military that might dissipate the middle East flare up.

Forgive me, just playing “What If”.

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