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Jim’s Daily Rant. We Did It! Thank You The Peoples Operation Restoration.

Updated: Mar 4

We now can see the end of all this madness around us.

The group above has given us the tried and true training, forms and & procedures to take our States and Counties back to Republics.

They now have the guns to enforce their writs. However, very few armed enforcements will be required.

The Restoration Group's documents are also teaching / negotiation tools to bring these people back under our Sovereign control. Those employees will vacate their jobs or conform when educated. Once a few senior officers conform, their entire office will conform.

Then our job will be to form County Assembles, Dejure Grand Juries and fill the vacant positions as employees leave. This will be the Chaos period, probably beginning by June.

There will be chaos everywhere such as if a Building Permit is needed, is a policeman a usurper or a true policeman under the Republic, etc. I expect to see governments publishing the fact that they are all now under the Republic. This then will cause those offices to retrain what and how they do their work.

There will be a lot of chaos during this period but at least we are controlling a non-violent Second Revolution that we have already won.

Therefore, this is a non - Violent Revolution, that we are creating with our minds, just by waking up.

We Made It!!!!


This is an Absolute Must Watch:

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